“Octopus Love” (poetry) Picaroon Poetry

“A Terrific Cook” (short story) Dual Coast Magazine

“Don’t Crows Eat Corn?” (short story) Penny Shorts’t-crows-eat-corn

“Lemon Soap”  (short story)  The April Reader

“Blue Light/White Light”  “Carcass”  (poetry) The Kudzo Review

“There is Grandeur in this View of Life”  (poetry) The American Philosophical Society in connection with its exhibit, “Dialogs with Darwin.”

“Tomak Stuffing”  (poetry) A Magical Summer: Anthology from Pandora’s Imagination (Order it here from Amazon)

“Pierced”  (short story)  Wanderings

The Barmaids of Tir na Nog: New and Selected Poems.  Harrowood Books  [Order it here from Amazon or write direct to]

“Nadja and the Dream of Teeth”  (short story)  The Richmond Review (U.K.)

“Nadja and the Dream of Teeth” (work-shopped version) Dublin Writer’s Workshop (

“Love and Etc.” (short story)  The Baltimore Review

Interview with Dougie MacLean  The Irish Edition

“To Ask You Muses Once Again”  (poetry)  Coelacanth

“On the Church of St. Francs Assisi”  (poetry)  Verses

“A Thing on Paper,”  “Pegeen Mike,” “The Body’s Mind,” “Penelope” “On the Young Gabriel Garcia Marquez”  (poetry)  The Santa Barbara Review

“To a Sad Girl Who Used to Dance,” “To Martin and Debby Returning to Dublin” “The Barmaids of Tir na Nog,” “Elegy for an Irish Uncle,” “When Eight Planets Aligned”   (poetry)  The Irish Edition

“Quartet,”  “Light”   (poetry)  Oasis


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  1. We follow your career with great interest…with the name “J.P.” how come you don’t own a pub? As you failed there, we hope that you won’t be washing away the bitter taste of failure with Tears de Grog!

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