J. P. Bohannon Music Schedule


Philadelphian guitarist and singer/songwriter, J.P. Bohannon continues to appear every other weekend at McShea’s Restaurant and Bar in Narberth, PA. With acoustic music that spans the decades and a smattering of originals, Bohannon’s shows have been great gathering places for meeting up with old friends, grabbing good eats and enjoying plentiful drinks.

2019 November/December Music Schedule:

November 30–McShea’s2:00-5:00
December 14–McShea’s 2:00-5:00
December 28–McShea’s 2:00-5:00
December 29–
Sunday Over Easy–10:30-12:00
@ the Kelly Center for Music,
Arts and Community**

**In an effort to help Jim Wurster and the New Avenue Cafe, we are launching Sunday Over Easy at the Kelly Center. A 10 am Sunday brunch-style series accompanied by live music – Jazz, Folk, Country or anything that fits a Sunday morning coffee house venue.
The New Avenue Cafe employs people with disabilities and Jim Wurster’s mission is to promote inclusion. We would like you to help generate interest in Jim’s cafe.




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