J. P. Bohannon Music Schedule


Philadelphian guitarist and singer/songwriter, J.P. Bohannon had been appearing every other weekend at McShea’s Restaurant and Bar in Narberth, PA, had become part of the rotating roster of musicians at O’Connell’s in Springfield, PA, and was looking forward to the warm weather and the outdoor stage at The Cosmic Cafe on Boathouse Row in Philadelphia. 

With acoustic music that spans the decades and a growing stable of originals, Bohannon’s shows have been great gathering places for meeting up with old friends, grabbing good eats and enjoying plentiful drinks.

At the moment, though, everything is on hold as we try to get control of this virus that is affecting so much and so many. So for now, the only shows that are still on the schedule is:

  Saturday, August 1–Cosmic Cafe, Philadelphia, PA–3:00am to 6:00

Sunday, August 2–New Wave Cafe, Havertown, PA–10:00am to 11:00

 Wednesday, August 26–New Wave Cafe, Havertown, PA–5:00 pm to 9:00

And as always, please check out my YouTube channel “Another Sunday Morning Tune” at



Be well. Be safe. Be healthy.



3 thoughts on “J. P. Bohannon Music Schedule

  1. Hi John, I saw your show at the Kelly Center in Havertown. You know me from World Cafe Live’s Free @ Noon shows.

    • Hey Bill,

      I got your e-mail today on my blog. (Boy, I’ll have to update that thing; it’s been a while.) My daughter mentioned that you commented on the New Avenue “live stream,” but I don’t have Facebook and haven’t seen it yet. She was going to stop over this weekend so I could respond to some comments.

      Anyway, how are you doing? Life is pretty weird these days, isn’t it. I retired in June and had been planning to spend the rest of my Fridays at “Free at One”… but so much for best-laid plans, huh? I have talked to David and I saw him on the live stream from New Avenue Cafe, but I haven’t seen him streaming the Free at One. I am going to try this Friday even without Facebook.

      Anyway, thank you for tracking me down. I was going to get back to you this weekend. If you don’t mind, I’ll put you on my mailing list which usually includes upcoming shows and my YouTube program: “Another Sunday Morning Tune.”

      Hopefully before too long we’ll be sitting at XPN, Audrey will be serving us beers, and David will be up on stage.

      Be well,

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