I am fairly new to this blogging thing, but I am not new to writing.  However, I am finding it very difficult to find my “Voice” here on these pages. Reading other journals and blogs, I find that the writers seem so confidant, so knowledgeable, so sure of what is important. And I am not. My writing–particularly my fiction–is informed by uncertainty. In the simple “boy meets girl” scenario, for instance, my characters are left hanging. That’s about it…”boy meets girl.”  Rarely does he get her, and if he never gets her, then he certainly can’t lose her.  It is perhaps my version of a Beckettian void (and probably more suitable to a shrink than to a blog.) So where does this void fit in with a regular blog?

Are bloggers just pretending that they know? Or do most of them feel that they are expert in some one thing or another? Is the internet a means for validation of their opinions, of the worth of their personal world view?  I don’t know.  It is difficult for me. For example,  I loved the movie The Beginners, but I know as many people who found it too slow and pointless. Why should I then write about its worth? To prove to myself that my judgement is correct? To initiate a conversation? I don’t know.  I need help here.

I guess, ultimately, my question is “What is the purpose of an individual’s blog?”–mine in particular. I have found that it is good for my thinking, for my productivity, for my thoughtfulness (not the same as “my thinking”). But wouldn’t a private journal do the same? The difference, I have found, between the two–the blog and the journal–is that I am more careful with the blog.  Knowing it is going “out there,” I am more careful with what I write, more careful in its correctness, more conscious of the language.  And I guess that is a good thing.  At least for my writing.   But again, why do it?

Can anyone help?  Are there people out there who can tell me?  Would love to hear your response to my questions.


10 thoughts on “Voice

  1. I am new to blogging also John….Only 1 month…
    I did not decide to start this blog for having anything acknowledged… It was intended to record many things that I have almost lost in my past, poems, music, thoughts…
    I cannot say if I am confident when writing, I simply post what comes in my mind. There are certainly many that don’t like my ideas and few that like them, but whoever likes them will come back, and who not… well, the blogosphere is huge, they have the freedom to click to see another blog… so no problem for anyone… 🙂
    BE YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY!!!! (Sting, Englishman in New York)
    Keep blogging, do not worry, write about what YOU like the most!!!! In time it gets better and better, easier and easier… 🙂

  2. A blog is a personal possession that you put out for the world to see. It doesn’t have to please the world, just yourself. Think of it like a yard ornament, how many times have you seen something you thought ridiculous (like a toilet) in the garden? The people who put it there don’t really care what you think…that is what they wanted and that is where they put it….You can look at it and voice your opinion, but it will still be there next time you drive by.

    Write what inspires, write what you want, regardless of opinions…just remember the statement (i’ll clean it up a bit)…opinions are like butts, every one has one…

    • I love the toilet in the garden reference. It’s like the mirrorball in the front yard or the jockey holding the lantern.

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